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"Here is a fine resource for beginning or guiding your spiritual journey and growth. I think the subtitle says it all. If you want to wake up and create a spiritual life and have access to all its resources, then read on."

Bernie Siegel , MD
author 365 Prescriptions For The Soul 101 Exercises For The Soul

"Rev. Barbara Gulbranson skillfully illustrates how the attachment to our small, ego-centric, illlusory self inhibits awareness of our Big Self-our Soul-our connection to The Divine. Reading this Book will help you awaken to the extraordinary treasures within you.deep eternal peace, infinite abiding joy, and unlimited love.all awaiting the core of your own being!"

John E. Welshons
author, When Prayers Aren't Answered
Awakening From Grief

"In recognizing the real secret of the Law of Attraction, Barbara has illustrated and outlined simple ways to incorporate God into our lives and therefore, live with purpose."

-- Andria Wingerter, Host
The Law of Attraction in Action


Barbara Gulbranson


How to Attract Your Soul Mate by Rev. Barbara Gulbranson

Live Your Joy by Rev. Barbara Gulbranson


Thank you for visiting my web site. It is my heartfelt joy to share these beautiful spiritual teachings with you to help you cultivate peace, prosperity and happiness in today's busy world. Whether you are facing a challenging situation or if you want to deepen your connection with the Divine, the sacred wisdom found here will move you forward in your life's journey.

My deepest desire is that each one of you applies these spiritual principles to live a life rich with eternal joy, everlasting peace, unconditional love, financial prosperity, creative expression and perfect health.

Here, you'll discover how critically acclaimed books such as Live Your Joy: How to Awaken from Spiritual Slumber and How to Attract Your Soul Mate: The Secrets of Lasting Love reveal the "real secrets of the Law of Attraction" to transform your life in what seems like miraculous ways . Plus you'll find inspiration, free gifts and downloads to open the door to greater living. By reading the Joy Newsletters, you'll discover how to fulfill your heart's desires and expand happiness. Coaching services offer you the ability to heal issues and live your dreams.

I am thrilled that despite the demanding world we live in, you are willing to move forward on a magnificent spiritual journey to bring about eternal peace and abiding joy for yourself, which extends to your family, your community, your workplace and the world. May the sacred wisdom here inspire and empower you to live your joy!

Warm regards,



"Barbara Gulbranson helped me through one of the darkest periods of my life. She shined a light on my situation, providing healing and comfort. Her confident and compassionate guidance helped me to resolve and move on from a long career that no longer fulfilled me. I cannot imagine where I would be today if it were not for Barbara's skillful and loving coaching. I thank Spirit that at the exact moment of my greatest sense of desperation. I found Barbara's book, Live Your Joy: How to Awaken from Spiritual Slumber, which prompted my contacting her for a session and starting on a new path of really living my own joy. Barbara's work is truly a gift to the world."

    -- Mickey Hay, Ph.D., Thriving In The Third Act

Living your joy is not wishful thinking or a dream to be realized at a later date. A joyous, loving, peaceful life is yours by Divine Birthright and is available to you now despite any outer condition. If you desire greater fulfillment in relationships, work, finances, health or spiritual connection, Dr. Gulbranson will guide you in applying practical spiritual principles to achieve your desires and live the bliss of an awakened life.

What better way to learn proven spiritual techniques than from the author of LIVE YOUR JOY: HOW TO AWAKEN FROM SPIRITUAL SLUMBER? These universal spiritual truths open the pathways of bliss and foster healing on an individual and planetary basis.

When you partner with Dr. Gulbranson as your coach, you are taking major steps to living a life filled with joy and purpose -- a life that is not meant for others, but is waiting for you here and now.

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